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Thank you for taking the first step in finding the ‘Best Fishing Lure’ to land your next trophy fish. I’ve been fishing a long time with lures that have great action but just don’t look like the real thing or they have seen the same old pattern a thousand times. Over time, I learned that modifying my lures was just what it took to provoke extra strikes and gave me the edge I needed to put more fish and larger fish in the net.

The concept behind Paul’s Custom Lures is to provide fishermen with a world-class product to improve their chances of hooking and landing their next trophy. Our lures are made to target a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species. Each lure is hand painted and never the same as the next. We change the paint formula's, eyes, detail and  patterns with every batch of lures unlike other manufactures.
Beside our highly detailed, custom designs you will also find we use bait products by various manufacturers as a solid foundation. These baits have proven successful for catching World and State Record Fish especially when modified. So if you’re an angler who wants a special edge, then you’ll want to try our, custom painted patterns and configurations. 
We’re all about customer service at Paul’s Custom Lures so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please visit out contact us page with your specific needs. Plus we can share some good stories.
Please enjoy your purchase and use it with confidence. I’m here to provide the Trophy Fisherman with the highest quality product that out performs the rest of the pack.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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